Episode 7

Published on:

2nd Dec 2019

Episode 6

Published on:

28th Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving WeiRdLiNgs!

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Enjoy our #WeiRdOsOdeWednesdays

Thanksgiving Edition

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Carrissa & Amanda

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Episode 4

Published on:

18th Nov 2019

Gator Bait

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Thank you

for hanging in there through all the technical issues.

Our First


is a truly DISTURBING and MORBID part of American history that will make your stomach turn. The barbaric treatment of African American slaves and their children in the 1800s in Florida.

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for some evidence of these horrific acts against human lives.

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.Carrissa & Amanda.

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Episode 5

Published on:

18th Nov 2019

The babysitter from HELL

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About one terrifying babysitter/caregiver from Florida.

Christine Falling.

a teenage serial killer that turned on the very people that trusted her to care and look after their babies and beloved elder.

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featuring a picture of this fguly demon sitter.


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.Carrissa & Amanda.

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Episode 3

Published on:

7th Nov 2019

Leeds Devil

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Hey WeiRdLiNgs!!

Thanks for coming back for more!! Sorry its alittle late but as you will hear it has been a rough couple weeks over here. We couldn't miss our first #WeiRdOsodeWedneSdays which is being brought to us from Amanda! This is one of Amanda's favorites folk tale.

So grab whatever drink ya fancy and listen! Is it a myth or is it real life? Please don't forget let us know what you guys think, Thank you for the support!

Creep ya lataaaassss!

Amanda & Carrissa

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